Surviving the Streets on a Bike

In preparation for Bike to Work Day, BWB will be hosting a seminar on how to bike on the roads safely, followed by a bike ride on the streets of DC.

10:00am – noon Safety Seminar
At the seminar you will learn the ABCs of bike safety, how to navigate an urban area, and how to be visible to motorists. We will provide you with a bike map, so you can map your route from home to work.

Noon – 1:00PM Bike Ride
We will take a short ride around the streets of DC, so you can become comfortable riding with motorists on the road.

Who should attend?

All levels who want to be more comfortable biking on the road.

What to bring?
– Photo ID (You will need it to get into the building)
– Bike
– Helmet (You MUST have a helmet to participate in the ride)
– A friend/neighbor
– An open mind


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