Winter Riding 101

Dec 7 Winter Workshop

Saturday, December 7, 2019
1:00 PM — 2:30
Lamond-Riggs Library
5401 South Dakota Ave NE
Washington, DC 20011

Curious about how to keep riding through the winter? Want to keep riding outside? Currently riding outside but unsure how in the heck to keep doing it in February when it is really cold? Have some great tips learned from experience or wisdom from others? In partnership with WABA’s Women and Bicycles, we’re gathering to talk though some options to keep riding outside safe and pleasant when its cold!

We will go over some common options for warmth, technical specifications about how bodies stay warm and the various properties of fabric and design that influence warmth, with a focus on using existing stuff you might have or smart ways to find what you need.

This event is only open to anyone who identifies as women/trans/femme.