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  1. I am writing to ask if black women ride would participate in my churches Annual 2015 Peace Ride (Bike-a-thon) hosted by Apostle Stephen E Young, Sr., General Overseer, House of Praise. For over 10 years, the Holy Christian Missionary Baptist Church for All People/House of Praise has sponsored this bike ride. This year ride is scheduled for June 20, 2015. As in the past, we proclaim Peace for our children so they will receive their education in an environment which is free from drugs, handguns, and weapons of any kind throughout Ward 7 and the surrounding communities within the Washington Metropolitan Area. This year, along with this proclamation, we ride in honor of Johnie Resper. Johnie Resper was a young man that was killed as a result of gun violence.

    We are requesting police vehicles and mountain bikes to accompany us as we depart from the church at 7:00 a.m. riding to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Memorial then returning to the church. We have selected this site because Dr. King was a champion for peace.

    As a member of the cycling community, you are aware that although the demographics of Washington, DC are changing, many people in Ward 7 are not bike riders. We want to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to ride and ride in a safe environment. It is our goal to have 50-100 people riding with us this year. There will be two vans traveling with us with flashing caution lights. One will go before the group and one behind the group. As always, we will obey all traffic regulations.

    We are asking if you would not only join us for the ride but share our ride with other members of the cycling community.

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